About markmclaren
All friends and family welcome for some adult banter and to share experiences and general fun times or shit times. Join in and add your opinions without big brother being a dick!!

Mission Statement

Ultimately our mission is to bring folks together without the worry of big brother watching what we do. Image this as an old idea in a digital era, the working mans club. Somewhere to relax and speak your mind without fear of offending people.

Why us?

Great question, why us? Well because at some point you have to grow a pair of balls and push back against the big corporate's brain washing everyone. Censoring those with a differing opinion just isn't democracy and isn't what our ancestors died for.

Final thoughts

The world of social media has drastically shifted, now you are seeing huge bias creeping in to drive political and corporate ideologies. Basically a form of brain washing from Silicon Valley.

In the last 3-4 years this has been highlighted by the silencing of conservative opinions by major platforms. Including some publicly admitting they do not want alternating views from their own (ie. Apple).

How does this translate to us? Well we see our voice as sacred and free, therefore not for sale to the Facebook's or Twitters of the world. We don't subscribe to the Virtue Signalling of the left and believe REAL discourse is the answer. Getting back to a tradition open and public debate with no holds barred.