Professional Statement:

Sales professional with long history of successes in capital products and solutions throughout the medical, health and professional field. A proven ability to achieve growth, lead sales teams and an experienced, cold-caller, expert presenter, negotiator and closer. Skilled and tenacious self-starter requiring limited support and mentoring to complete expected goals and targets.

Key Successes Routes:

Relationship Sales Approach - In-depth knowledge through experience on managing expectations and liaising with clients and customers to deliver product and services. While keeping a productive relationship that is both fruitful and long-term.

Market Expansion - Experienced in market and competitor analysis with a track record of aggressive sales into an established market already saturated with competitor products and solutions.

Mentoring and Training - Built close bonds with the all customers though packages of mentoring and training during and post the sales process. Ensuring a level of support that exceeds the competition.

Sales Targets/Goals - Using a tenacious and person approach within my roles I've been successful in comfortably achieving the expectations from suppliers and managers throughout my career, rarely struggling unless influenced by uncontrollable factors.

Marketing - One ever present skill I brought to all my roles was a push on promotion, while launching a new product or service I always use the latest in social and visual media to get the message across. Personally designing websites, campaigns and graphics to help sales succeed.


Work Experience:

Owner/Operator (UK) - [2018 > Present]
Sales and Marketing agency in local town supporting small businesses with best practices including sales, branding and the larger marketing process. Offering a range of services that include sales mentoring and training. Website design, hosting and management. Brand marketing including SEO and Social Media management.

Regional Manager (North England) - Helica Instruments Ltd. [2020 > Present]
Currently working in theatres in the healthcare sectors across the UK providing a laproscopic based plasma product used for excision and ablation. Used primarily in gynaecology for womens health. Working with all theatre staff, including nurses and consultants. Tasks include direct account management, marketing, training and servicing.

Regional Manager (BC) - Topcon Canada Inc. [2017 > 2018]
As my most recent full time position in Canada, my role was to manage and secure business for a premier Ophthalmic technology manufacturer across British Columbia. Main tasks included managing current accounts, training users and carrying out clinic installations. I was also key in growing a rapidly growing market in the province and disseminating the brand messages through personally orchestrated campaigns and marketing.

> Exceeding expected sales as a new manager.
> Working with new and exciting Canadian colleagues after moving from the UK.
> Achieving sales in an neglected regional area.
> Securing key relationships after previously damaging influences.

Nationals Sales Manager (UK) - Cosmed srl. [2011 > 2017]
My last role in the UK/Europe with Cosmed a medical devices manufacturer was an all-inclusive sales, marketing and account management position. Working closely with my Rome, Italy based HQ I was tasked with expanding the market share while launching new products, mentoring end users and promoting the company and its message to opinion leaders. Spending much of my time building relationships and trust through close person support.

> Working with a national team.
> Successfully launching several new products and solutions.
> Exceeding year on year targets expected.
> Expanding an already vast personal customer base.

National Sales Manager (UK) - Patterson Medical Inc. [2009 > 2010]
As the new sales manager of a new division I was responsible for overseeing a recent merger and acquisition while ensuring the accounts received regular updates and were receiving the high level support they expected. Working with primarily professional sport for health supplies and equipment, the role was time conscious and required great organisational skill and a high regard for privacy.

> Managing a great team.
> Developing new routes to market.
> Mentoring new recruits.
> Securing business through a transitional period.

Sales Director (UK) - Luzmon [2008 > 2009]
A new medical device manufacture looking to prepare the market for an impending product launch. My tasks included full market and application analysis, business pathways planning and long term marketing focus. Working in a close modern environment in central London, the small team worked dynamically to manage the launch and production. With my expertise focused on securing early interest from close KOLs.

> Experience with governance and processes surrounding this.
> Marketing in a dynamic and driven environment.
> Inspiring business messages from CEO.
> Successfully securing interest in an idea.

Owner Director (UK) - Hitech Health and Sport Ltd. [2006 > 2008]
Having been given an opportunity to distribute and sell the latest in professional wearable technology from an Australian manufacturer this position stretched my previous experiences into a full business planning, budgeting and returns responsibility. Building on relationships already nurtured for many years to sell solutions while managing a small growing company.

> Establishing a working business in a short space of time.
> Continually smashing growth expectations.
> Establishing clear accounting and business model best practices.
> Successfully launching a global wearable technology innovation.

Business Development Manager (UK) - Bodycare Products. [2001 > 2006]
Initially tasked with developing a new technically advanced sales channel for the company. Due to my experience with my past employer. With a large product portfolio, my role was split into developing the new market while managing customers’ expectations and supplying current products when and where required. A relationship focused position in the health, services and educational market places.

> Migrating my experience to establish a quick market share.
> Securing a career record in sales.
> Managing a small team in support.
> Establishing new working practices and seeing growth related.

Technical Sales Manager (UK) - Cranlea and Company. [1994 > 2000]
An evolutionary role within Cranlea itself, born out of the need for a technically adapt person with relationship and sales skills. Supplying clinical products to a technical market base, I had the position of education, sales and installer. Building close bonds with customers and accounts through a diligent support and training approach to expectations.

> Moving from a non-customer facing position to a full relationship one.
> Developing new practices and ideas that directly secured new business.
> Gaining more technical/engineer skills through direct international training.
> Gathering a large customer portfolio.

Stores Manager (UK) - Cranlea and Company. [1990 > 1994]
As an entry role from School (High), the role initially started as store/warehouse support but almost straight away developed into managing the stores. The role responsibilities were all encompassing including goods handling (In and Out), logistics organisation, installation planning and stock management project development. The later role to developed and deliver a new stock control system to reduce 'time spent' and 'errors'.

> First position after dropping out of school.
> Given the opportunities to excel technically.
> Learnt from an experienced close team of colleagues.
> Used computer related skills to automate a failing stock control.


Relatable Skills:

Relationship Building, Sales Cycles, Business Sourcing, Technical Ability, Support, Project Management, Team Building, Training/Mentoring, Budgeting, Reporting, Market Analysis, Time Management, Brand Promotion, Social Media, Design, Advertising


Health, Technology, Politics, Sociology, Family, Environment, Nature, Welfare


Secondary School (High School / GED)


Personal Statement:

Having spent a long time fighting to achieve something from nothing I'm a very passionate person regarding my professional approach. This passion carries forward into my work and has being a driving force through much of my career. I pride myself and approaching ALL challenges the same, with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Whether sales or family life the will to be successful has and will shape my future.

Last updated on: Jan 27, 2021